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Spring & Port Wine


Rafe   .   Daisy  

Their children:  Florence   .   Wilfred   .   Harold   .   Hilda       

Outside characters:   Betsy Jane   .   Arthur 

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Foreword by the author - Bill Naughton



Even with the best intentions it can be hard to keep peace at home. As children grow up they test boundaries, questioning the way of the world and feeling the need to be released to find their own path.



Young love and its dangers.
Daughter Hilda returns from a party feeling a little merry from the excitement of a wedding, love and a little port wine. Her brothers tease her singing 'The Banks of Allen Water' by Matthew Lewis which we've featured in the lyrics.


The Clock That Tells Time

Rafe feels that his children are all terrible portrayals of society today, smoking indoors, enjoying glossy magazines full of gossip and he isn't afraid to tell them so. "In my day..."



The neighbor down the road, Betsy Jane, has come to ask Daisy (Rafe's wife) to borrow some money. When Daisy says she can't, Betsy throws a load of gossip at her. It seems that the family aren't the only ones aware of Rafe's dominant nature.

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Betsy Jane

Betsy finds out that Rafe manages the family money and is disgusted.

"He's got the key, eh?...If I had him here, I'd ruin him!"

Daisy doesn't know how to find some money to give to her daughter Hilda who is threatening to leave and ends up pawning Rafe's brand new coat.


You and Your Truth

Florence's boyfriend Arthur has had enough of Rafe. 
Hilda refuses to eat her herring at dinner and a stand off ensues. Her brother, tired of all of the unrest in the house feeds the fish to the cat.
Rafe has no control over the house and explodes. Arthur finally stands up to him and he leaves with Florence.


Florence and Arthur

Florence is headstrong, the eldest of the children.

Arthur is completely in love with her but she constantly brushes him off disinterested. 
When Arthur proves he has a will of his own, standing up to Rafe, Florence realises her love that lay hidden behind her preconceptions of Arthur being too timid.

In her eyes_edited.jpg

In Her Eyes

The truth comes out and Rafe realises the strain he has put his family through, especially Daisy.
Balancing out the wills of so many people within the house has been put on her shoulders for too long and Rafe tries to make amends.

The End

Many thanks to the numerous Jazz venues and audiences that have supported us throughout our development. Special thanks goes to Jazz North, Arts Council England and the Bolton Worktown Festival.

We hope you enjoyed our performance!

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